What’s in your diaper bag Small Fry Moms?

What's in your diaper bag Small Fry Moms?

Welcome to our brand spanking new “What’s in your diaper bag?” features! We’re so excited to be working with lots of our favorite moms to talk about style, mommy must-haves and those cute little tots who fill their hearts and their bags!

Who better to kick off our series than Emily, Jenna and Nicole of Small Fry Blog?! Between the 3 of them, they have 6 boys, so they know a thing or two about mommy essentials and staying stylish while juggling little ones. Learn more about the ladies and show them a little love on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Tell us a little about your little ones!

Emily: Hayes is 4 and is tender-hearted and silly. He is my little helper and so sweet. Callum is almost 3 and does nothing half way. He is daring and adventurous, hilarious and a mama’s boy. He also doesn’t do tantrums and rough-housing half-way either so he gives me a run for my money!
Jenna: Quinn is 5 and always on an adventure. Whether it’s searching for treasure on the beach, or pretending he’s going to space in the afternoon, he’s always imagining and creating. He’s our new years baby born to party & loves being around his family and friends. Jude is almost 3 and our fire cracker. He loves babies, small animals and tagging along with his older brother. He’s as sweet as he is opinionated and keeps us guessing.
Nicole: Dash is 4 and Sunny is 2. The reason for my existence. They fill me with so much joy. Dash is the most angelic little child, Sunny is the crazy one getting into all things fragile. He is full of so much life and good energy.

When you’re not being super mom, what are you up to?

Emily: I love reading, being outside and going to concerts.
Jenna: I love watching bad TV, cooking, road trips with my husband and good music.
Nicole: I love eating. Really, if I’m not with my kids I’d better be dining somewhere incredible.

What’s your favorite timi & leslie diaper bag?

Jenna: I love the Charlie tote because it’s functional, sleek & a modern take on the classic diaper bag.
Nicole: The gray Charlie! Such a great look to it and holds everything you need.
Emily: The Joey messenger bag is great! I insist on a cross-body strap for all my bags. It’s stays in place and feels so much more secure.

What are a few things in your bag that are mommy must-haves?

Emily: This Summer I have Sun Bum sunscreen on hand, my Lifeproof waterproof phone case and granola bars. I hate having to run back home to get things for spontaneous fun in the Summer!
Jenna: Big Sexy Hair Spray because after a day of running errands my hair needs a spritz of it to be as good as new, wipes because even though I have two potty trained kiddos I still use a thousand wipes a day, hand sanitizer, lip gloss and protein bars.
Nicole: doTERRA Peppermint beadlets, ole henrikson face wipes, water bottle, and a snack mix I call “Hot Babies” (hot tamales and sugar babies).

Who is your mom style inspiration?

Emily: My friend Laura from @ascotfriday has been a style inspiration since I started reading her blog in 2010. I love how she is always comfortable and has such an easy edgy style to her.
Jenna: Lisa Harris @lisafharris, she’s incredible. Effortless beachy style that I love.
Nicole: Some day Olivia Palermo will be a mom, right? ;)

What’s your top tip for staying fashionable when juggling little ones?

Emily: I just wear what I like, so I don’t think I have many tips. But, I am a shoe fiend. It’s what I notice first on others, and I think it can tell you everything you need to know about a person. So I invest in shoes that excite me, that have personality, and that update my wardrobe with what’s on trend, and of course shoes I can chase, play, and cuddle in.
Jenna: Keep it simple. Obnoxious jewelry or pieces can be just that, obnoxious. I love the effortless look of simple gold necklace, v neck and converse. Pair it with a flattering pair of jeans and you’re not falling in to the boring Mom category.
Nicole: If you are already juggling kids you may as well juggle a few more pretty things, right? ;) I love a classic top and pretty denim, or a pretty summer dress. More often than not you’ll find me wearing the earrings of the moment.

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