What’s in your diaper bag Jordan Reid?

What's in your diaper bag Jordan Reid?

Congratulations are in order for our most recent “What’s in your diaper bag” contributor Jordan Reid! She just gave birth to the most precious baby girl, her second child! As a mommy of 2 and one of our favorite stylish mamas, we’re so excited to have her up on the blog today. She’s working on her second book now, but you probably know her best from her first book and blog of the same name Ramshackle Glam. You can also follow all of her adventures on Facebook, Twitter and @RamshackleGlam on Instagram. Stop by and say “hi!” 


Tell us a little about your little ones!
I have a 2 1⁄2 year old son and a brand new baby girl!

When you’re not being super mom, what are you up to?
Right now I’m finishing up my second book, Carrying On, which will be released by Running Press in Fall 2015 (my first book, Ramshackle Glam, a memoir of first-time motherhood filled with style ideas for new moms, is currently available in bookstores nationwide and on Amazon). I’m also shooting two beauty-focused video series for Allure Magazine’s new channel, and posting daily on RamshackleGlam.com. We were also in San Jose (just south of San Francisco) for the summer, so we got in a lot of swimming and day-tripping before our newest addition arrived.

What’s your favorite timi & leslie diaper bag?timi & leslie Kate Convertible Diaper Bag
The Kate 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set. I love the classic, just-a-little-bit-sporty shape of this bag, and how the leather accents toughen up the beautiful color. The little conveniences it includes are great – especially the zip bag for soiled clothes and insulated bottle tote…so genius!


What are 5 things in your bag that are mommy must-haves?

1. Spray-on hand sanitizer

2. A bottle of water (both for my son and for me)

3. Sunglasses (because nothing makes you look more pulled-together in an instant…and with zero effort)

4. An iPhone loaded with sing-along songs

5. A handful of small, inexpensive toys – when you’re waiting on line or stuck in traffic, introducing some new things to play with can work wonders.

I also usually carry one tiny “surprise” toy that my son has never seen before – it’s a lifesaver in the event of a mini-meltdown. (Goldfish help, too.)

Who is your mom style inspiration?
Kate Hudson – I love how her style has grown more comfortable and casual since becoming a mom, but has still stayed true to her boho-glam roots.

What’s your top tip for staying fashionable when juggling little ones?
For me, it’s all about pairing easy, neutral pieces (I look for soft, lightweight fabrics and a relaxed fit) with striking accessories (a patterned scarf, oversize sunglasses, or a stack of bangles) – that way you can run all over the place and still feel just as good as you look.

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