What’s in your diaper bag Rachel Pitzel?

What's in your diaper bag Rachel Pitzel?

Tell us a little about your little ones!
I still can’t quite believe it, but I am the mom of two! My baby is named Harper, and we call her Happy Harper because she is the happiest baby you will ever meet. She basically goes through her day smiling and looking around, and of course eating. Harper really enjoys eating, which is great because my toddler can survive off almost no food. Grayson is my busy toddler, who currently wants to be a fireman / chef / baker / construction worker / professional athlete (he hasn’t picked his sport yet) / “helper.” As you can imagine, he is quite busy, fun and active. He is also the sweetest little boy who loves his mommy.

When you’re not being super mom, what are you up to?
You know, I love to kick back and relax at the spa at least once a week, get a mani-pedi, sit poolside and work on my tan. Because that was said by no mom ever! With two kids, my life is a constant juggling act. There is always something that needs to get done. I am still adjusting to life with two, and fitting in work, time with both kids, their activities, finding time to spend with my husband, my family and friends, and at the very bottom comes me. If I get to the gym once a week right now, I am happy. And I must have a mani-pedi at least once a month.

What’s your favorite timi & leslie diaper bag?
Now that’s a difficult question! I had a major crush on the Marie Antoinette Diaper Bag in purple in the fall, but now I am currently obsessed with the Kate in Cobalt / Saddle. Fun and vibrant for summer! It makes me happy just looking at it. Every time I go to grab my diaper bag, to have something that is fun and bright, and just mine, well that puts a smile on my face every time. Even if it is filled with my kid’s things!

What are 5 things in your bag that are mommy must-haves?
For me, business cards (you never know whom you are going to meet), sunglasses because I live in Southern California, a healthy snack (I currently carry a lot of KIND bars, which both my son and I eat), my cell phone because it’s my life line, and something to drink. It might range from cold-pressed juice to water, but mommies must stay hydrated! For the kids, a binkie for both of them, Babiators for my son (he hates bright lights in his face), wipes like Mustela or MD Moms, a toy for both of them (he loves firetrucks and she loves her Winkle by Manhattan Toys), and a burp cloth. Because spit up does happen. I also love Dr Smiths diaper rash ointment because you never know when a bad rash might pop up! And then of course diapers, but isn’t that a given?

Who is your mom style inspiration?
Princess Kate, because she always looks so put-together and composed, though of course I am much less formal than she is. A little Tory Burch because I believe it’s important to always have on good shoes, no matter what else you are wearing. Even if I am wearing sandals, they are going to be Sanuk. Which by the way, are made from yoga mats and a mommy must have! They should dole them out to every new mom in the hospital, just saying! Other than that, I don’t really have a specific person who inspires me, but more moms who make an effort every day.

What’s your top tip for staying fashionable when juggling little ones?
Wear what you feel good in, because you will feel better in it. And when you feel good, you exude happiness and good energy, and shine. I think you should always dress up a tiny bit more than the occasion calls for, just in case. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t war some yoga pants these days around the house, but they are part of an outfit. I may not always get to take a shower or blow dry my hair right now, but I will always look composed and well-dressed. I love dresses and skirts, they always make you feel good and look put together. My top styling tip is to find a good CC cream with sunscreen in it. If you do nothing more to your face than put that on, which is what I do most days, your skin will look better and be protected.


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