What’s in your diaper bag Lauren DeCandido?

What's in your diaper bag Lauren DeCandido?

Tell us a little about your little ones!

I have a daughter, 21 months, and a son, 16 weeks. At 16 months apart, my Irish twins keep me on my toes day-in and day-out. Lovingly called “crash” by her Grandpa, Serena has no fear and is our sweet, little bull-in-the-china-closet. Christian is our meatball. He would eat all day long if we let him. They are both such great babies and we feel very blessed to have them in our lives.

When you’re not being super mom, what are you up to?
I am a fitness nut. I am really enjoying Tabata right now, since you get an intense work-out in a short amount of time. Time is everything when you’ve got your hands full with two under two.

What’s your favorite timi & leslie diaper bag?timi & leslie Charlie Convertible Diaper Bag - Caramel
I am loving the Charlie. It’s so chic and fashionable, nobody would think for a minute it’s stashing a dozen diapers, balms, snacks and toys! I love that every bag in the timi & leslie line comes with a complete set of coordinated, organizing essentials to keep the chaos of traveling with a little one smartly in order.

What are 5 things in your bag that are mommy must-haves?
1. BabyGanics 50+ SPF and Neutrogena Sport 70 SPF
2. Snack Trapper with Cheerios
3. Triple Paste
4. Bite Lip Gloss
5. 36 oz of Water! hydrate, hydrate hydrate!

Who is your mom style inspiration?
I love Kate Winslet. She always looks so class and she’s really inspiring when it comes to body image. I read that she’s against having her body photoshopped and I think that’s really amazing.

What’s your top tip for staying fashionable when juggling little ones?
Every day I throw on some bright colored workout clothes. I’m loving Lucy pants, mine are neon pink. I pair that with a nice Nike tank and my HeadSweats hat. This way, if I find 30 minutes while the kiddies are napping, I can squeeze a quick sweat sesh in and look cute while I’m at it. And I find that when your workout gear looks good, you’re more likely to work out!


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