What’s in your diaper bag Kate Etue?

What's in your diaper bag Kate Etue?

Tell us a little about your little ones!

I have three fantastic kids that are sweet and fun and sharp as tacks. Grey is my oldest, with a fierce determination on the court but a really sensitive heart for justice too. Annie is the middle child and she is passionate, with a serious flair for the dramatic. Watch out, world. And Hayes is my youngest and is perfectly happy that way. He is imaginative and funny and loves to love on you. He’s my snuggle buddy.

When you’re not being super mom, what are you up to?Kate 7-Piece Bag Set - Sand/Saddle by timi & leslie
I help advocate for access to better maternal health care for a global health nonprofit called Hope Through Healing Hands (follow us on twitter at @HTHHglobal). Also, I love a good yoga class, a glass of red wine, and a good book.

What’s your favorite timi & leslie diaper bag?

I have the Kate bag (nice name, ha!) and love the fact that even though I don’t have babies anymore I can still carry this bag around without it looking like a diaper bag. It fits everything I need for a trip to the pool or soccer fields, which is pretty impressive.

What are 5 things in your bag that are mommy must-haves?

1. My phone–it lets me work wherever I am, so I can be with my kids, which is huge for me
2. The small hand-pump I use to fill up deflated balls at practices…I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve used this thing for my kids and their friends’ flat basketballs, soccer balls…timi & leslie Kate Convertible Diaper Bag – Sand/Saddle
3. Quaker Fruit & Nut bars, apple flavor. Because I never seem to be able to sit down for breakfast
4. A great book–this week it’s been Longbourne by Jo Baker and my Bible–to read while I’m waiting at practices
5. Lipstick–a fresh coat makes a big difference

Who is your mom style inspiration?
I think Joy Cho (at Oh Joy) is just great, and I love how natural and effortless Jennifer Garner’s style is.

What’s your top tip for staying fashionable when juggling little ones?
Get the kids cute clothes, then stick them in front of me in pictures. Ha, seriously though, just make sure you take the extra 15 minutes you need to get yourself ready. It’s okay to stick a show on TV for a few minutes if it means you can face the day with more confidence.


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