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Tell us a little about your little ones! My daughter Vivien is two and a half and is such a sweet and fun little girl. She loves dancing, and helping around the house, whether it’s laundry, cooking, cleaning- you name it! My son William is almost a year, and it’s been fun watching him grow […]

Tell us a little about your little ones! I still can’t quite believe it, but I am the mom of two! My baby is named Harper, and we call her Happy Harper because she is the happiest baby you will ever meet. She basically goes through her day smiling and looking around, and of course […]

  Tell us a little about your little ones! Ryan is a 4.5-year-old boy, going on 45, haha. He’s too intelligent for his own good, loves to play games, and is my best buddy and little helper. He’s currently playing t-ball and taking swim lessons. Rebecca is a 2.5-year-old little girl and I’m already trying […]

Tell us a little about your little ones! I am a boy-mama! I am the mama to one wildly active 3-year-old boy named Bodhi. Bodhi is full of energy, questions, conversations and we’re always on the go. Bodhi is an animal lover, so I’m always grabbing his little animals and tossing them in my diaper […]

Tell us a little about your little ones! I’m mama to a sweet little toddler named Emiliana—we call her Emmi for short. She’s two years old and so full of energy, curiosity and creativity. We live in upstate New York, so after one of the longest winters I can remember, she constantly wants to be […]

Tell us a little about your little ones! I have a daughter, 21 months, and a son, 16 weeks. At 16 months apart, my Irish twins keep me on my toes day-in and day-out. Lovingly called “crash” by her Grandpa, Serena has no fear and is our sweet, little bull-in-the-china-closet. Christian is our meatball. He […]

Tell us a little about your little ones! I have three fantastic kids that are sweet and fun and sharp as tacks. Grey is my oldest, with a fierce determination on the court but a really sensitive heart for justice too. Annie is the middle child and she is passionate, with a serious flair for […]

Congratulations are in order for our most recent “What’s in your diaper bag” contributor Jordan Reid! She just gave birth to the most precious baby girl, her second child! As a mommy of 2 and one of our favorite stylish mamas, we’re so excited to have her up on the blog today. She’s working on […]

This week, we’re excited to have the author of Expecting Perfect and the All Things Mama hostess herself, Nadine Bubeck. She’s giving us a peek into her timi & leslie Marie Antoinette bag and a look at her signature mom style. We love Nadine and we are always swooning over little Nicholas (doesn’t he have the […]

Today we’ve got our favorite girly girl, Sunny Subramanian of the Vegan Beauty Review. Sunny carries a timi & leslie Anette bag where she keeps a lot of cruelty-free essentials for her son Dylan. Learn a little more about Sunny and make sure to say “hi” on Twitter + Facebook.  /// Tell us a little about your little […]

Welcome to our brand spanking new “What’s in your diaper bag?” features! We’re so excited to be working with lots of our favorite moms to talk about style, mommy must-haves and those cute little tots who fill their hearts and their bags! Who better to kick off our series than Emily, Jenna and Nicole of […]